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Troy passes ME prelims!

Troy passed his preliminary exams officially becoming a PhD candidate in the mechanical engineering program!  Congrats Troy!

Tessa passes BMEN prelims!

Tessa passed their preliminary exams officially becoming a PhD candidate in the biomedical engineering program!  Congrats Tessa!

Kyle defends honors thesis!

Kyle successfully defended his honors thesis "Exploring the Role of Amino Acids in NADES-based Cryoprotectants"!  Good work Kyle!

New equipment alert!

The Hubel lab got a fancy automated cell counter - the Countess FL 3!  This enables top notch counts and high quality control for fluorescent cell counts post-thaw!  😎

Maddy defends honors thesis!

Maddy Wagner successfully defended her honors thesis "Characterizing Membrane Partitioning and Heterogeneity of DMSO Using Low-Temperature Raman Spectroscopy"!  Awesome work Maddy!

Akshat passed his quals!

Akshat passed his mechanical engineering qualification exams crossing a big hurdle in the PhD program, congrats Akshat!

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